Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment from 1971-1972 must be reintroduced with no deadline and reratified now!

Added to the original Amendment, all people shall be paid; hired; fired; and entered into educational programs equally based upon experience, training, and previous education, and not discriminated against for any other reason.  Renting and purchasing homes shall only be based upon ability to pay, no other reason.

*The premises of Roe v. Wade and the exact words “right to privacy in personal and healthcare matters: marriage to consenting adults of legal age, without special permission from parents, not based on sex, gender, or race; all sexual acts between consenting people within the confounds of legal age; all forms of contraception to consenting people; and the ending of pregnancy for reasons between their self, their spouse or partner, their God or lack thereof, and upon the advisement of their healthcare provider, shall not be infringed upon by any government” will be added to the language of Equal Rights Amendment.

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