Teachers have always been our future!
Public Education
  • Teachers at all levels of education should be able to write-off up to $10,000 per year from their Gross Income for supplies of their classrooms and for what they buy for effective teaching.
  • Online public education for K-12 should be expanded, and all teachers should be trained how to teach in an online format.
  • Failing schools should be funded at a rate of 150% of the funding of the best performing school within a state.
  • Funds for school events, activities, and tutoring should be set aside for teacher overtime in addition to their salaries.
  • Maximum class size should be 15 students.
  • Common Core should be eliminated and teachers return to the ability to teach in a way they're comfortable with, as long as students are learning.
  • The different ways in which people learn should allow students to be taught and tested in individualistic ways, not just in the cookie-cutter way the Department of Education have blocked students for decades.
  • Students from Preschool to the Doctorate level should be tested based upon their own type of learning skills.
  • Armed guards dressed as civilians should be stationed outside of all schools in plain clothing. If teachers feel comfortable, they should have the right to have a locked safe in their classroom for guns and ammo.
  • Preschools and Pre-K should be tuition-free for ages 2.5-5 years in public school systems. Parents should have the voluntary choice of whether to start their kids in Preschool or until Kindergarten.
  • Parents should be able to send their children to any school, even if in a different district, with no tuition charges.
  • There should be no diversion of funding for public schools to charter schools. Left to states’ rights, states may setup their own separate funding for charter schools using non-federal funds, such as taxes. Wayne would introduce federal legislation that would bar states from using federal education dollars or any type of federal fund to setup or fund charter schools.
  • Schools should reserve the right to retain students to repeat a school year if the student has yet to learn everything needed to succeed in the next grade level. There is no shame in “failing” a grade. It is people who place shame on the child. Many successful adults have failed grade levels and have had to takr remedial classes in college.
  • Books and the utterances of words should not be banned from schools. Book lists should be made for parents to help their child choose which books to read within an appropriate grade level. We should not be living in the book 1984 or Fahrenheit 451!
Higher Education
Higher Education is not evil!
  • Limit vocational, tech, and community college tuition rates so that Pell Grants pay 100%.
  • Out-of-State tuition fees should be banned.
  • A ban on Colleges and Universities charging lower tuition rates for on-ground versus higher rates for online classes should be instituted. There should be a flat rate across the board.
  • A portion of a federal 5% sales tax on all cannabis products should be used to help pay for education from Preschool to the Doctorate level.


Student Loan Debt
  • A 2%, non-variable, and non-compounding interest rate should be locked until December 31, 2099, on all student loans.
  • All student loans written from January 1, 2000, until current, should be rewritten for the original principle of 2%, non-variable, and non-compounding interest and reduced based upon how much one has been paid on the loan thus far. If the loans are paid off, refunds should be issued of the excess interest amount.


Expanded Student Loan Forgiveness Program


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